U-M Satellite Intel: Ft. Lauderdale Sleepers

Breaking down the sleepers of the Florida satellite camp stop with Scout.com's Corey Bender.

Michigan has wrapped up its latest stop in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. on Friday night. The camp saw many big name and under-recruited high school players stop by attempt to showcase their talents to the college coaches in attendance.

One player in particular, 2017 defensive lineman Donovan Winter, worked hard enough to receive an offer by Michigan.

Scout.com's Corey Bender breaks down the sleepers of the Ft. Lauderdale camp.

On Donovan Winter: “Donovan Winter, 2017 defensive lineman, plays with a ton of intensity and a ton of effort. Really brings it every play. He’s about 6-foot-5, 230-pounds right now. He’s a guy, a yes sir, no sir type of guy that will definitely get the attention of the coaches with the off-field stuff. From start to finish, he played with a ton of intensity, really brought it every single play. Even when they were doing sprints and stuff, he’s the one kid that was trying every single play and tried to sprint ahead of all the other kids racing him. He’s that kid that you never have to worry about effort or intensity, he’s going to bring every single play. Pittsburgh loved him, Michigan went as far as to offer him. This is a kid that is definitely on the rise, great size too.”


On Al Blades Jr.: “He’s a kid that kicked off recruiting as a Miami commit, he wasted no time. He actually got the offer when he was at a camp last summer, he committed on the spot. Once Al Golden was let go, that’s when he reopened everything and he’s been vocal about that. He doesn’t want to be known as a kid that’s definitely going back to Miami. That’s the thing he’s been vocal about, all the interviews we’ve spoken to him about. He always keeps saying ‘everyone thinks I’m a lock to Miami but that’s definitely not the case.’ He’s taking a hard look at a lot of schools, obviously Michigan piques his interest, he loves the addition with Harbaugh. I guess that’s kind of the eye-popping thing with Michigan, everyone always mentions Harbaugh. Just having that legendary coach coaching you. Overall with him, I would definitely say that Miami is still the front-runner, he won’t go on camera and say that. But that’s my prediction, we’re two years out so overall we’ll see what happens. There’s a lot of kids you’ll see that I don’t think will end up signing with one school and you see two years go by and see what happens. Miami is still the frontrunner with Blades, he won’t say that but he doesn’t want to be known as the guy who wants to go back to Miami. He is giving everyone a fair shot, he’s going to be taking his visits as well but school’s definitely have their work cut out for themselves going up against Miami over the next two years.”

On receivers: “Kevin Austin, he’s from North Broward Prep. Really good frame, real good physical specimen. About 6-foot-3, 185 right now but really cut up, he looks to be about 195 right now. He’s a smooth pass catcher, has about 15 offers and Miami is one of them. Once Miami, the local school, takes a step that means something. Especially with all the talent that’s down here. With him, he’s a guy that gets vertical in a hurry. Real smooth athlete for his size, he operates like a kid that’s 6-1 but he’s almost 6-4. He’s a 2018 prospect and it kind of makes you take a step back and say ‘wow.’ Kevin Austin is a kid that really impressed.


 “Jordan Merrell, he’s a kid last summer at the satellite camp that really stole the show. I thought he was the best wide receiver at the camp. Real slippery slot, does a good job of putting his foot in the grass, creating separation. He had another great day, we’ll see if an offer falls after this camp or not. But he’s a guy that has shown enough as far as being an inside guy, really like I said, I’m a big character guy as well. Another guy a yes sir, no sir and looks you in the eyes. He’s a kid that kind of has it all. Power Five offers have taken a hard look at him. Kentucky and Syracuse have offered. He’s done everything that he can in front of the Michigan staff, he’s done a great job last year and this summer.”


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