U-M Satellite Intel: Ft. Lauderdale Targets

Scout.com's Corey Bender breaks down the big-time targets Michigan had in attendance during its Ft. Lauderdale satellite camp Friday night.

Michigan wrapped up its Ft. Lauderdale satellite camp Friday night which saw handful of targets high on the Wolverines' list.

Scout.com's Corey Bender breaks down some of the big names and U-M's chances:

On Kai-Leon Herbert: “Kai Herbert is a good who’s had Florida on top of his list for a number of months. He’s actually a kid that grew up a Miami fan, it’s been a common theme down here. A lot of kids grew up liking Miami and Florida has kind of took charge and really made a statement in his recruitment. Like I said, right now if you ask him about who is the number one school, he kind of took a step back and said all six schools are on an even slate.  Michigan has done a great job recruiting him. Miami, Florida, Michigan and Tennessee, those are the four I’m really taking a hard look at right now. And with Eubanks signing (for Michigan,) I know they’re both close. They played together this past season. Obviously he’s going to be in his ear. A ton of American Heritage kids are on Michigan’s radar but Kai Herbert, he’s a guy when I saw him about two years ago, he was 240 pounds wet. Real lean, almost looked like a bigger tight end. He’s really been seruous about his training. He’s packed on weight, now working on his lower body. But Michigan is in a great spot, I know he has to get up campus, that’s what’s going to make it a little more realistic in his recruitment. As of right now I think Florida is a school that you definitely want to peg them as a frontrunner. Jake Allen, his old quarterback, is committed to Florida. He’s been in his ear the whole time trying to get him to Gainesville. He almost committed to Florida over the summer; he almost sped up his decision. Right now, you have Florida, Tennessee, Miami and Michigan those are the four that I’m focusing on right now in his recruitment who I think are the most realistic right now.”


On Randall Haynie: “I know I’ve vocal to you about this but I think he’s obviously a kid that has several Power Five offers but I still think he’s one of the more under-recruited corners. I think his film is fabulous, he does a great job as a cover corner. Real pesky at the line and has real active hands that kind of jam receivers. Real nimble feet too, he recovers well with loose hips. He’s a great cover corner, I think with Michigan offering him early it made an impression. He’s an academic kid as well. You’ve got Duke coming after him, Vanderbilt, he’s a kid that takes academics seriously. Obviously, with Michigan, you can’t beat that degree up there as well. With Randall Haynie, overall with him, his visits is going to tell it all. He hasn’t taken too many visits at all. He definitely knows what he’s looking at a school, academics are important but once he gets on these visits and does the pros and cons and sees what he really likes. Getting out of South Florida, he’s a guy that’s still stuck in the palm trees, he hasn’t really got out. We’ll see as far as visits, they’re going to be the telling thing for Randall Haynie. Michigan is in outstanding shape right now, they made him a priority since they first offered him a couple of months back. They’re battling it out with the likes of Maryland, Duke, Vanderbilt, a ton of schools are going after Randall Haynie but he’s still on the rise.”


On Patrick Surtain: Right now, LSU has been the school out front for almost a year now. He’s kind of taken a step back and reevaluating all options. I know Florida State is in there, Florida and Clemson have been recruiting him very hard. He’s intrigued about Michigan. Another American Heritage kid, Eubanks is going to be on him. Herbert is obviously building a ton of interest in Michigan but Surtain, I think he’s a five-star candidate. He keeps growing and filling out, I feel like he’s an inch taller every time I see him. He’s an elite, elite cornerback in the 2017 class and he has elite bloodlines as well. I think it’s going to be tough to beat LSU here, they’ve been the front-runner and his father is from Louisiana. So he’s kind of been rooting for them his whole life. It’s kind of a school he loved growing up so it’s going to be tough to get him away from the Tigers. Overall, he’s kind of taken a step back. Florida is in there, Florida State, he loves Michigan as well. He’s really interested in Michigan from when I spoke with him. That interview will be coming out later, he might’ve been the most talented kid out here, did participate but LSU is a school to definitely keep an eye on.”


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