More Media Day Interviews Part 2

Grant Bowman, Ernest Shazor and Jason Avant comment on the state of the team.

Special thanks to Tom Kidd, who operated the recorder and asked great questions in my absence.

Grant Bowman

Has it hit you yet that this is your last year?

“We are very fortunate to be able to do what we do. As seniors we run out there in the front and at some point I expect for it to be more emotional. I don’t think it will really hit me until close to the end of the season when there are two or three games left. I’ve put a lot of effort, a lot of heart, and a lot of my body on the line for this. The fact that these will be my last two-a-days is a bit weird.”

Are weight room stories that we hear about Matt Lentz being able to press a lot of weight true?

“Lentz is strong! He could be on The Worlds Strongest Man Competition. That’s his future! For some reason his bench press isn’t his strongest thing. In everything else, he’s like a house! He can put me to shame in some things. He’s unbelievable. The truly amazing thing is I think he ran the fastest mile and a half of any lineman. “

Who is the strongest guy on the team?

“I think it’s Finley (laughing). Seriously, Ofili can really throw up a lot of weight. His arms are huge and every time he has benched, he has gotten a lot stronger. There are a lot of strong guys, but I would take the title! I haven’t been putting up a lot of weight lately though. To tell you the truth, we really don’t go that high up in weight because you start getting neck pulls and strains, but I think I was putting up 395.”

Everything ok on the health front with you?

“I had a screw removed from my leg back in February, but nothing since.”

Did you keep the screw?

“I did, but then my mom mailed it to me and it fell out of the package that she mailed it in! I just got an empty package, so someone picked up a serious biohazard!(laughing)”

You’re leg is completely healthy now?

“My leg is fine. I haven’t felt it at all in practice. I’m really happy. I thought that I was going to have some lingering effects, but I don’t even think about it anymore.”

What do you think of this guy (David Baas) that just walked up here?

“Baas is a good guy. One thing about Baas is every once and a while you’ll see him do ten plays and then go over and eat some grass when he’s hungry!”

Ernest Shazor

Questions and Answers in blue from

You used to be the guy with the big fro. Now I see other guys with it. What’s going on with that?

“They took my style! That’s all it is! They’re just copying me!”

You’re working out at the strong safety, correct?


How is Barringer doing? I’ve heard that he can be pretty cocky out there.

“Yeah, he can be pretty cocky, but he’s doing pretty well out there. He’s a good athlete.”

What do you think about Marlin’s move to safety?

“I think it was a GREAT move! I was happy when coach Carr decided to do that.”

Who is the fastest of the DB’s?

“Well I am! (laughing) Marlin is probably the quickest, but I think that I’m the fastest! Jeremy is pretty fast too though.”

Who is the biggest hitter in the bunch?

“I’d have to say Marlin.”

What do you think of the new guys coming in?

“I think that Prescott and Mundy are really good! Mundy has really good feet and hips.”

On what he wants to improve on this year:

"I think I want to improve my tackling this year."

On his response to Ron English, the new defensive backs coach:

"Ron is a pretty good guy. He's come in and we're adjusting to his ways of coaching. He's a real strong, solid coach. He's pretty aggressive in his coaching."

On how the depth at defensive back can motivate him:

"This is my year to start, and I will start. It's time for me to showcase my talent. As far as the depth, it's pretty good in case of injuries and stuff like that."

On his strengths and which safety position suits him:

"I think I'm pretty good with the running game and the big plays, stopping the long passes. I feel comfortable at free safety and strong safety. At free safety you have to be good at playing the post, and on the strong side you need to be able to come and stop the rush."

Jason Avant

Are you the #2 receiver beside Braylon at this point?

“There’s a lot of competition for it. We won’t know for sure who it is until after two-a-days.”

How much do you weigh now? You look bigger.

“I actually lost weight. I’m at 202 lbs.”

How are you’re fellow receivers Tabb and Breaston doing?

“Those guys have really improved since last year. There was never anything wrong with their talent. It was just a matter of being able to pick up the plays. Those guys are coming along pretty well.”

Who is the fastest receiver?

“On the football field, I’d say that it’s Breaston. I’m not sure about on a track though.”

Who is the fastest guy on the team?

“It’s either Breaston, Braylon, or LeSueur.”

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