Media Day Interview With Pierre Woods

<b>Pierre Woods</b> gives his take on special teams, being from Ohio, and a number of his teammates.

Special thanks to Tom Kidd, who operated the recorder and asked great questions in my absence.

Have you seen the new locker room?

“I walked in there and it’s the bomb! It’s about time. It’s a great thing!”

What are your personal goals for the season?

“I just want to stay healthy, play hard, and help the team win.”

What’s your weight now?

“I weigh 244lbs.”

What did you come in at?

“I was about 212 when I got here. Mike Gittleson came to me and said, ‘eat around brother!’ I thought that they would put me on supplements or something, but they don’t do that at this school. We just eat, lift, and run. I’ve been eating and lifting a lot and it paid off. I’m still trying to get bigger though.”

Do your Ohio friends give you a lot of crap?

“Yeah, they give me a HARD TIME! Even my brother in-law. He loves me, but he’s an Ohio State guy to the heart. I went to my family reunion and it was Ohio State this and Ohio State that. But I’m not mad about it or anything. It’s cool.”

You were so good on kickoffs. Did you like being out there?

“Kickoff is a lovely thing. The young guys don’t understand. Kickoff is a way to get on the field. I didn’t have a big job on defense last year. My defense was on that kickoff. If we pinned them down deep in their territory and the defense can hold them, then we did a great job and I’m happy. It was really fun!”

How is Alain Kashama doing?

“Alain is my boy! Kash-Money! Now we call him Shaka! He’s about 260…265, and he can run a 4.4! I’m not kidding. The guy can go! He’s a great athlete. He can do a lot of things.”

Who’s is the toughest offensive linemen to get around?

“I’d say that it’s big #77, Big Elvis! David Baas is another guy. If you’re a defensive tackle, it’s HARD to get around that guy. It’s really hard! I don’t know what it is about him. We call him the Cave Man. I think he goes back into his cave at night! Baas is a mean somethin!”

“Lentz is a big huge strong guy. Leo is good. All of the inside guys. Adam Stenavich is going to be a great left tackle. Mike Kolodiej looks good. Even Jake Long has been impressive. The offensive line is going to be good for a long time.”

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