2018 CB Al Blades Jr. talks camp performance, hears good things about Michigan

2018 cornerback Al Blades Jr. expects Michigan coaches to turn up the heat for him after his satellite camp performance.

The University of Miami is well aware of the Blades' last name.

2018 cornerback Al Blades Jr. is just another one in the long line of Blades that have ties to the Hurricane program. Committed to Miami for a short while, Blades Jr. decided to open his recruitment up to get a taste of what other schools have to offer.

He made an appearance at Michigan's satellite camp stop last week in Florida and believes he did very well for himself.

"I did great today. I don't recall getting beat, just continue to get better," Blades Jr. said. "Next week I fly out to the Georgia Dome so I just came out here to not be so rusty, get some technique work in and talk to some of the great coaches out there. There's a lot of years of knowledge out here so I just decided to come out here and learn something."

It was the first time meeting U-M head coach Jim Harbaugh and Blades said he thoroughly enjoyed the experience. For him, it wasn't about being recruited, Harbaugh was more concerned about his family.

"He was just talking about family of course," he said. "It's one of those shadows that I can't really get rid of, that's something I'd like to have for my kids to talk about me to coaches. At the same time to kind of establish my own thing and I think I showed that today at the camp."

As for now, if Miami were the favorites to capture Blades' commitment once again, he certainly doesn't want to say it publicly. In fact, he's willing to give any school a chance as his options are wide open.

"I'm fully open," Blades Jr. said. "I'm fully open. I'm blessed enough to have what I have so why not explore all the options I have. I'm fully open right now. Miami, they'll be in it of course. That doesn't mean I'm going away from them, seeing what I have, see what's best for me."

Although he does not have a scholarship offer as of right now, Blades believes that one will be forthcoming and that Michigan and Maryland coaches will be turning up the heat on him after his great showing during the camp.

It also helps that he's heard nothing but good things about the Wolverines program.

"All great things I hear about Michigan," Blades Jr. said. "The boys from Flint up there, I have friends with them. They told me great things and said basically the Florida boys, we recruit down here. They were saying if you want to go to a great school, ball out and go to the league, this is the place to be. Of course I listen to those things but of course when the time comes I want to do my research and game plan and things."

With his entire family based in Florida, logical sense says that staying in the Sunshine State is a foregone conclusion.

Not so fast my friend, says Blades. He has a major influence that is trying to get him to leave the state of Florida.

"I don't think anything is going to be a problem for me. My mom wants me to get out of Florida. She wants me to go experience the world. For me, I really don't care. Sunshine state, I love this state, football all season. This is my home."

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