2017 Galena Park (Tex.) North Shore 4-star defensive end K'lavon Chaisson says Michigan is sparking his interest.

2017 Galena Park (Tex.) North Shore 4-star defensive end K'lavon Chaisson says Michigan is sparking his interest.

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Already holding 26 scholarship offers, 2017 Galena Park (Tex.) North Shore four-star defensive end K'Lavon Chaisson is close to narrowing down his recruiting process.

"I don't really want to say it right now but I'm going to put out a top list soon," Chaisson told The Michigan Insider. "You'll see."

Recently making his way out to Michigan's satellite camp in Houston, Chaisson currently possesses an offer from the Wolverines.

Whether or not Michigan will be on that short list of schools remains to be seen, but Chaisson insists there's a great deal of interest.

"I like Coach Mattison. I mean, there's got to be something if the No. 1 player in the nation is playing defensive end," Chaisson said.

"There's something I need to know about him so they're in consideration. I want to get out there but it's a little distance from here so I got to work it out with my parents."

One thing is clear though, Michigan caught Chaisson's attention simply by extending an offer.

"Mostly it has to be that cause I wasn't thinking about Michigan in my recruiting process at all until that happened," he said. 

"When they offered me and started giving me details about them and their defense, it started sparking an interest in them."

Previously taking visits to every Texas school except for Texas Tech, as well as LSU and Oklahoma, Chaisson has seen his fair share of campuses.

With several schools to be a fan of growing up, Chaisson was always struck by Baylor and Oregon. Admittedly, since the recruiting process started, that's changed.

"Now that it comes to business time, all that favoritism stuff goes out the way," he said.

Chaisson says distance from home won't play a factor in his decision, laying out his list of credentials for his eventual choice.

"The defense, the coaching staff stability," he said. "I don't want to go nowhere, especially with the Baylor situation going on, I hate to be one of them guys in that situation where you just feel like you have to leave."

Chaisson's list of top schools is expected to be released within a week or two, unsure of a time frame for a commitment.


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