DB Jamar Adams Sets U-M Official Visit

Things are getting a little bit crazy for safety <B>Jamar Adams</B> from Matthews, N.C., Butler. But Jamar is moving straight ahead.

I got a call early this (Thurs.) evening from safety Jamar Adams (2003 U-M Camper, 2001 U-M Camper, V-Tech Nike stats: 6-2 1/2,193 lbs., 4.13 sec. Shuttle, 33.2 inch vertical jump … 3.0 GPA/940 SAT) from Matthews, N.C., Butler.

"I just got out of practice .... whoa! Wow! Just a second ... we're pulling out of school, my friend is driving me. Today is Open House at my school so there are a lot of people walking. My friend just did a U-turn on this narrow street and went right off the street onto the grass! Whew! Okay, I can talk now."

I'm glad you're okay, Jamar! Hey, are you making a fall visit to Michigan?

"Yes sir. I'm coming up the Sept. 5th weekend for my official visit, for the Houston game. My mom is coming too -- we're looking for a flight for her."

Is it an official visit?

"Yes sir."

How did you get the visit scheduled?

"I have been trying to get it scheduled. I knew we had a bye week in early September but I didn't know exactly when. Coach Campbell from Michigan called my head coach, who told him our bye was Sept. 5th. So Coach Campbell said to come on up there for my official visit."

Do you have any others scheduled?

"No sir, not yet. I'm thinking about where else to visit, but I'm not exactly sure yet."

Have you definitely decided on any other schools to visit?

"I'm not sure ... Georgia, Miami, Florida State, NCState, Carolina (North Carolina), Virginia ... it'll probably be from those. All but Florida State have offered me."

Would you say you have a leader?

"Yes sir. Michigan."

Has your fall practice started?

"We started practicing two weeks ago. We've been practicing from 4 to 6 in the afternoon. Today it was cool, in the mid-70's, because it was rainy. Normally it's been hot, around 90 degrees."

When does your season start?

"Our first game is August 22nd. I'm playing safety on defense and wide receiver on offense."

You've been interviewed quite a lot lately ...

"Yes sir, it's gotten a little hectic. It's okay though."

The recruiting road can be hectic, and with sudden 'U-Turns onto the grass' as well! Let's hope Jamar heads STRAIGHT to Ann Arbor!

As a junior Adams made 58 tackles and five interceptions. He is underrated as TheInsiders.com's #76 Atlantic area prospect. U-M watched him at the V-Tech Nike and then visited him at his school. And he was a Michigan Camper this June, where he was very impressive.

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