Jordan Poole's father highlights reasons for high school transfer

The Michigan Insider spoke with the father of Jordan Poole to discuss his decision to transfer high schools.

2018 four-star shooting guard Jordan Poole recently made the decision to transfer to La Lumiere to finish out his basketball career.

The Michigan Insider caught up with Poole's father, Anthony Poole, to discuss the decision and what it means for his future.

"Well the seed was planted back around Memorial Day this year at an event where Jordan was playing," Poole told The Michigan Insider. "The La Lumiere coaches came over and asked if Jordan might be interested in attending school. The timing to listen was right because word was going around that Jordan's high school coach (Milwaukee King) would be leaving to go to Dominican High. So we visited La Lumiere (2017 five-star small forward Brian Bowen hosted) and were blown away, especially with the academics."

Some highlights of the program that stood out to the Poole's included:

  • Two hour mandatory study hours every day.  
  • National hoops schedule
  • Structured like a college program, will assist in transitioning to UM.
  • Might be be the number one team in the nation next year (according to Poole.)
  • Only 2.5 hours from Milwaukee and gets him away from some of the drama in the city.

When asked if Michigan head coach John Beilein was aware of the decision, Poole's father said that the head coach was supportive of the decision.

"(Jordan spoke to Beilein) before we decided," he said. "He said he thought it would be a good move and complimented us on how we encouraged Jordan to excel."

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