2018 West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade Prep four-star quarterback Brevin White is very intrigued by Jim Harbaugh and Michigan.

2018 West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade Prep four-star quarterback Brevin White is very intrigued by Jim Harbaugh and Michigan.

Brevin White is on the move. Heading into his junior season, White will now quarterback West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade Prep after transferring this off-season.

After experiencing a disappointing 5-5 finish as a sophomore in 2015, White hopes this season is different. 

"Last season was all right," White told The Michigan Insider. "I feel like we had a good summer and 7-on-7 and stuff and I don't think we quite lived up to expectations. We went 5-5, which is not what we wanted but it was my sophomore year and I think I learned a lot. 

"We have nowhere to go but up from here. I transferred to Chaminade now and I'm looking for bigger and better things."


Already holding four scholarship offers from Arizona State, Oregon State, Washington and Washington State, all Pac-12 schools, it appears White's recruitment will likely heat up.

One school White is hoping to catch the attention of on the field this fall is the University of Michigan. Making it to one of Michigan's recent camps, White quickly became a fan of the Jim Harbaugh style.

"It was different than all the other camps," White said. "You go through the camp circuits with the other schools and other coaches and it's a lot more 1-on-1's and a lot more 7-on-7 stuff. 

"Coach Harbaugh however had a different approach. He didn't want anyone to get injured so we did a lot of agility drills and competitions but it wasn't really a lot of 1-on-1's throwing to the receivers or routes and stuff, it was very focused on competition and competing with the other guys in the drills." 

Previously making his way to Ann Arbor with his 7-on-7 team, B2G, White had the opportunity to get to know Harbaugh and his staff on an entirely different level.

And as White said, Ann Arbor isn't so bad either.

"Pulling up to campus, I've never been outside of California much visiting other schools so I didn't really know what to expect but pulling in and seeing the football facilities, I was just blown away," White said. "What a phenomenal facility they have and walking around campus with the team and take it all in, it was very breathtaking. I've never been to Michigan and Ann Arbor is a place that really caught my eye. We walked into the big house and I think that can speak for itself. 100,000 people sitting up there every week at a Michigan game, being able to watch that and see that was crazy. 

"Being able to just sit down and talk with Coach Harbaugh was just icing on the cake. It was an overall great trip and it was one of my favorite colleges so far."

Now in the process of maintaining and enhancing that relationship with Michigan, White fully understands where he is on the Wolverines board.

Standing 6-foot-2, 175-pounds, White embraces the challenge of proving he's capable of commanding a team.

"They said I'm one of their top guys, obviously they've offered a couple of other guys but they obviously want to see how my junior season goes," he said. "I'm not the biggest guy out there so I've got to prove to them that I'm the top guy and I can make up for not being 6-4 and weighing 215-pounds. 

"I've got to make it up with my arm, my mentality and football IQ. After this season when I get into crunch time making a decision, hopefully they'll come through with an offer."

Looking to play in a pro style system in college, White details exactly what he'll be looking for at the next level, with a decision likely to come soon after his junior season comes to an end.

"The biggest factors for me would be the coaches and the location and the campus," White said. "I've got to be happy, try to see myself there without football and that's how I'm going to make that decision. 

"If something happens and football is taken away, could I see myself being happy there as a student and really enjoying life there for the next five years. I just really have to be happy wherever I decide to go."

As far as Michigan is concerned, if an offer were to come for White, his relationships within the coaching staff inside Schembechler Hall is a major selling point.

"I just think they're phenomenal coaches and people," White said. "Coach Harbaugh, he just really wants to get down to work and I feel like his mentality as a coach is definitely something that I'm looking for in a college head coach and where I want to play. To take snaps from him and for him to critique us on our throws or really just coach us up on the field, that was a phenomenal experience. 

"You don't get that chance very often. With his bio and coaching career going so many places and he's so successful, just can't get that experience. Coach Fisch is just a great guy, so easy to talk to and it's just really good catching up with him and talking about high school and one day I might be able to call them my coaches. It was a great experience, very down to earth people and I'm just happy I was able to do it."

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