Harbaugh: Peppers 'can play anywhere' for U-M

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh says star Jabrill Peppers can play "anywhere" he wants on the field for U-M.

Video by Josh Newkirk, story by Josh Henschke

CHICAGO -- Jabrill Peppers does a little bit of everything for Michigan, and his coach Jim Harbaugh will be the first to tell you so.

In fact, Harbaugh raved about his All-Big Ten First Teamer today at Big Ten Media Days, noting all the things Peppers does for the Wolverines on the field, including some of his off the field experiences growing up in New Jersey.

"He is a tremendous athlete," Harbaugh said. "The other thing about Jabrill is he's highly, highly motivated and very serious about being good. He's seen a lot in his life from an early age. He's felt people try to put him down. He's felt people try to put hate on him from an early age. Some about even where he went to high school. He took he's taken a lot of racial and other type of directive hate toward him. He's never let that get him down or put him down. He's always used that as fuel and motivation."

The praise didn't stop there. Harbaugh gushed about Peppers' ability and what he brings to the team. Even referring to his athleticism being on par to that of a professional football player.

"Anything is accomplishable for Jabrill Peppers in the game of football," Harbaugh said. "Again, they've got to be worked for. He is a -- let me start by saying this: I think football players, professional football players are the greatest athletes in the world and Jabrill is that kind of athlete. He's that kind of athlete that has the greatest in the world type of athleticism. He can play just about anywhere on a football field and be effective.

"Put him in a corner, put him in a safety. Put him in a nickel. Put him in a linebacker. Ultimately probably nickel is his best position. He can be a returner of the punts, returner of the kickoffs. He could be a gunner. He could be a hold-up guy."

Just like last season, Peppers will likely be relied upon to play a role on the offense. According to Harbaugh, there doesn't seem to be much that Peppers can't excel at.

"Offensively probably right now (Peppers) could probably be our slot receiver and would give De'Veon and all of our running backs a run for their money to be the best running back on the team," he said. "Could be a wildcat quarterback. Could be an outside receiver. Can run all the reverses and fly sweeps."


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