Jim Harbaugh makes no apologies when it comes to defending his program

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh wants to make it abundantly clear that there will be no apologies issued for defending his program.

Video by Sam Webb

Let it be known that from this day forward, there will be zero apologies issued by Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh for defending his program publicly.

That has been the case many times after Harbaugh has taken to social media to come to the defense of his football program after people have taken some public shots at the Wolverines.

According to Harbaugh, once someone has fired the first shot, he has the permission to return fire.

"I would put (publicly responding) into the category of somebody shoots one over your bow then you shoot one back over their bow," Harbaugh said. "Usually I subscribe to the 'sticks and stones won't break my bones but words will never hurt me' philosophy. But when somebody talks about somebody you love or something you love, or makes a personal attack then you have the right to shoot one back over their bow, that's the category I would put that one in."

To be on the specific side, Harbaugh has had choice words for Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith, Alabama head coach Nick Saban and "Georgia coach" Kirb Smart to name a few.

Make no mistake, once Harbaugh delivers the knockout blow -- which always appears to be the case since there has never been a return fire from the opposition as of right now -- he will not make any apologies for defending his program.

"No, I don't think there's any apologies necessary there," Harbaugh said. "You do the best job you possibly can and I'm not making apologies for those specific tweets, did not think they were necessary."

Harbaugh even went as far as to double-down on his thought process regarding the public defense of his program.

Others beware: Before making disparaging remarks about his program, he prepared for the Harbaugh howitzer.

"Somebody made a joke about us and our program and we fired one back over their bow and I think it was warranted," Harbaugh said. "I still believe it was warranted and I don't believe there's an apology necessary."

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