Butt Embraces Leadership Role

Michigan's All-American TE Jake Butt is focused on bringing better leadership this season of the Wolverines.

CHICAGO – Jake Butt is arguably the best tight end in America. He is an All-American as well as an All-Big Ten performer, and he most certainly will be drafted high in the 2017 NFL Draft.

And yet, when posed the question on which attribute he would like to bring to Michigan this season, the U-M star didn't hesitate with his answer. 

“Leadership,” Butt said. “I want to be a leader for these guys. I want to bring the young guys, especially the tight ends, on my way out, I want this team to be successful this year –- but I want it to be a successful program many years after that. I think leadership is important in that area.”

No one can argue with Butt there.  Being a good leader, can help set an example for the rest of the team to succeed, and that why he’s made it a point to be a great leader this season as he tries to end his Michigan career on a high note.

“I’ve been on some very good teams in different sports I played, I’ve been on some very bad teams, the good teams always have great leadership,” Butt said. “The bad teams have always had bad leadership. And that seems to be the common ground. You can see with coach (Jim) Harbaugh, he came in, he’s an excellent leader and we had some great captains last year, and trickled down throughout the whole team. I always think it’s important to have great leadership.”

No matter who the leader is, Butt says, he’s not the only who will be leading by example for Team 137. 

“Aside from me, we have a bunch of guys on the team who are great leaders as well,” Butt said. “Some are vocal leaders, some lead by example, but that’s a great thing we have going for our team.”

Michigan opens its season with Hawaii on Sept. 3.  


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