Jim Harbaugh: Don Brown is a 'legend in my mind right now'

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh gushed about his new defensive coordinator during Big Ten Media Days this week.

Jim Harbaugh is not known to mince words and when he offers you a compliment, it's usually one held in high regard.

This was no different when asked about his new defensive coordinator Don Brown this week during Big Ten Media Days. With a spring practice session under their belts, Harbaugh says he has already formed a close bond with his new coordinator, even going as far as calling him a legend.

"I get a big smile about Don Brown every time I hear his name," Harbaugh said. "I feel like we're becoming best friends, I just met Don in December and January, we've worked together since then. He's a legend in my mind right now, everything he has done and has been associated with has been successful. Everywhere I go, I've been to a lot of places since spring ball and since the summer, the amount of people that come up to me and say 'I played for Don Brown at UMASS, I played for Don Brown at BC, tell Donnie I said hi, he coached me!'"

You read the stories about how Brown has impacted his former players, you hear current U-M players discussing how they like their defensive coordinator and are excited to play in his scheme. When on the road, Harbaugh is reminded of Brown's impact every day.

The type of impact that also reminds him of someone very close to him.

"To hear the ways that he's affected lives and made people into developed individuals is on the same par about how people talk to me about my dad and how he's affected people through his coaching career," Harbaugh said. "The many lives he's influenced, it's running about neck-and-neck right now with the amount of people coming up to you and take the same to say 'tell Donnie hi and that's the best coach I've ever had,' the amount of people that has told me that Don Brown is the best coach they've ever had, past scheme and past coaching acumen which Don has, is the way he's developed individuals both as people and players is running at the highest level of people I know.

"Truly, truly excited and dream higher for the Michigan football program to have Don Brown coordinating our defense. He's an individual that puts his heart and soul into what he's doing, I'm very excited for our players."

With fall practice right around the corner, Harbaugh didn't want to divulge too much about the defensive scheme the Wolverines will field against Hawaii in September. It's not anything new, but Harbaugh says this defense will be attacking and coming at you from all angles.

"You saw it at spring practices it's an attacking defense," Harbaugh said. "They are attacking and they are covering, they are coming from everywhere. The blitz percentage is high. I think the scheme is going to be tough to beat."

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