Greg Coleman Speaks On His Summer, Recruiting

Sunday evening I spoke with Iowa City West RB <b>Greg Coleman</b>. After some difficulties over the summer I wanted to find out how things were going for the star RB, both athletically and personally. And Greg was very willing to talk.

Greg Coleman (6-0, 210 lbs, 4.52 in the 40, 2.8 GPA, will take ACT in Oct.) is an outstanding football player. In 2002, he had 2,105 yards rushing and 25 touchdowns. As a defensive end, Coleman made 92 tackles and had 16 sacks.

Earlier in the summer he was found guilty of interference with official acts and assaulting a police officer after fleeing from police at a party. I asked him about the incident, and he gave me his side of the story. "It's been a long process over the summer. I was at a drinking party and the cops showed up and I ran. I was scared because I didn't want to get kicked off the team. I guess while chasing me one of the policemen pulled his hamstring, so they charged me with assault on an officer," he went on, "I never once hit any of them. They all tackled me and in the process of that one of them got hurt, but I would never punch a cop, there wasn't even any mention of me punching them in the police report." Did he feel like he was a target? "I do think there may have been more to it, there were three of us that got arrested, two of us are African-American and the other is Hispanic."

Coleman was released on August 9th and has put this behind him, "It's a learning experience, something that will never happen again. After two years it will be off my record (provided he stays out of trouble)."

Coleman will miss the first five games this year.

As far as his recruiting, he said, "Most of the programs have been real patient and just wanted to see how it turned out. The fact that I wasn't convicted of a felony was a big deal." He had this to say about the Michigan coaches in particular, "I still receive a couple letters a week from them, usually from Coach (Terry) Malone, but sometimes I get one from Coach (Lloyd) Carr. They just let me know they are still interested."

As far as favoite schools, Coleman lists, in order, Michigan, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Iowa State. "Michigan is my number one school, they offered me last year and I love everything about them, their tradition, the stadium, the football team always has a good offense and defence. I want to major in business and I know Michigan has a great business program; it takes two years to get into but it would be worth it." He added, "I really want to get out of Iowa City and Michigan would be a great place to go."

"Michigan is recruiting me as a running back. Some other schools are looking at me for defense and offense, but U-M is just looking at me for running back. I play wherever I'm needed on defense, sometimes on the end, sometimes as safety, rover, wherever they need me."

He wasn't quite sure about when he would take a visit, but he was very certain about who he wanted to go along with: "Adrian Arrington and I are best friends, I want to visit Michigan when he goes. I think it will be sometime in mid-season as I don't want there to be any distractions as it gets closer to playoff time. We have a good team this year and I really want to focus on the playoffs without any other things going on."

As far as a time-table for a decision, Coleman is taking his time. "I don't know when I'll make my decision. It will definitely be after I take all my visits so I can get a good feel for every school. I'll go where I feel best."

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