Manuel: 'Why Not?' Have Nike, Jordan Party

Michigan athletic director Warde Manual says Jordan-NIke launch party was simply: "awesome."

ANN ARBOR, Mich. –Sporting his new Team Jordan Jumpman brand Block M hat, Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel was all smiles as the University of Michigan athletic department launched its partnership with Jordan and Nike at its South State Street store in front of a few thousand diehard fans in a fiesta type atmosphere.

“To the fans, to the university,to be here tonight is really special to all the people here, and our fans that are excited about the next step in what we are doing – is awesome,” Manuel said to a group of reporters in front of M Den on State Street, throwing out a Wolverines signature: “Go Blue!”

Manuel then was asked if he supported the idea of the party like atmosphere behind the Nike-Jordan launch?

In Manuel fashion, the energetic athletic director while wearing his Block M hat backwards with a Jumpman logo front and center, replied: “Absolutely, why not?”

Manuel continued: “I mean what better way to spend a Sunday night at night at midnight then being out here during the day? This is awesome. Really happy for M Den. For all of our fans, for our teams, the student athletes are excited, out former student athletes are excited. So it’s a great place.”

But even Manuel didn’t foresee it becoming the “crazy” type atmosphere that it turned into early Monday morning.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” Manuel said. “For Michigan this is the way we do things. So it’s great to see.”

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