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Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh calls new book a 'whole team' effort

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh and Pulitzer Prize winning photographer unveiled a book titled "Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind."

Photographer David Turnley, a Pullitzer Prize winner, has worked extensively with the Michigan football program since Jim Harbaugh's hiring in 2015.

You might've seen his work. Harbaugh and others tweeting professional photography throughout the spring, fall and even during the season. That work has culminated into Harbaugh announcing that he co-written a book with Turnley to celebrate the year-long project.

Thus, "Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind" was born.

"Our whole team made a book," Harbaugh said. "Every person that was on our staff, players made a book. Where David attended every day, 365 days of Michigan football. He got pictures and images that you couldn't even possibly stage. That's the most striking thing to me, people say that a picture tells a 1000 words, I truly believe that now. There were times that he had these pictures where he was in the huddle and I don't know how he got the picture, I don't even remember him being in the huddle except for a couple of times where I had to tell him to get the heck out of the huddle.

"He had a real talent of getting the shot without knowing he was getting the shot."

It's clear that Turnley did whatever it took to get the shot, even if it meant being in the action on the field.

"There was a time when we were scrimmaging and De'Veon broke a run and was up into the secondary," Harbaugh said. "About 20 yards down the field he had to sidestep David Turnley because he was laying flat on his stomach getting another shot."

Turnley, a two-week linebacker walk-on at Michigan, didn't know Harbaugh personally before taking on this year-long undertaking. Feeling the excitement of Harbaugh's hiring, Turnley had the urge to meet Harbaugh as he appreciated the qualities Harbaugh had that made him great. He sent Harbaugh a Nelson Mandela print that was signed by Turnley, with Harbaugh writing back a note.

The rest, as they say, is history.

"We met in his office and I basically said that I wanted to document his era and what it is to make champions," Turnley said of the book. "It's really that I am interested in. Being around that kind of excellence that Michigan football is always been about. You just look at the walls of this museum and I sort of cringe that I'm here today. My father, who passed away, would be very, very proud today that I'm sitting next to coach Harbaugh. He exemplifies, as far as I'm concerned, all of the great things that you would wish in any human being."

The book has an expected release date of late August and will be in M Den locations as well as The standard "Michigan Fanatics" version will cost $75, with a larger version available for $150. 100% of proceeds collected by Michigan will help towards building a new weight room for the team.


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