Brown to give Peppers 'a lot to do'

Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown says the plan to give star LB/DB Jabrill Peppers "a lot to do" defensively this fall.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown has the luxury of having one of the more versatile players in the country in All American linebacker-defensive back Jabrill Peppers.

Peppers, who made the move to linebacker this spring, is expected to lineup closer to the line of scrimmage this fall in Brown’s heavy blitz pressure defense that utilizes a hybrid-linebacker who can cover in space as well make plays in the backfield. A position, Brown says, Peppers will be seen at quite often this fall.

“(He’s a) talented guy, very fast,” Brown said of Peppers, who stands at 6-foot-1, 206, and reports running a 4.31 forty-yard dash. “He can get from point A to point B very efficiently. (He’s an) extremely intelligent football player, has a knack for handling concept.

“I said this in the spring, and I will continue to say it: we will give this guy a lot to do,” Brown said of Peppers. “He’s going to have different jobs, based on the package, calling him a pistol linebacker is probably not fair. Calling him a hybrid is probably not fair.”

No matter where Peppers lines up defensively this fall, Brown says he isn’t too worried about it.

“We’ll ask him to do a lot of stuff,” Brown said. “But that’s the beauty of it, guys like him you have to extend them, they give you the unique ability to cover from the linebacker position, and you don’t have to substitute.” Michigan opens up with Hawaii on Sept. 3.


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