Jay Harbaugh says Jumpman gear is 'another box checked' for recruiting

Michigan tight end and special teams coach Jay Harbaugh discusses the recruiting impact of the Jumpman gear.

Video by Brice Marich, story by Josh Henschke

With the partnership between Nike and the University of Michigan underway, the football program can now start to reap the rewards of becoming the first football program in the world to wear Jumpman/Jordan Brand gear.

Michigan tight ends and special teams coach Jay Harbaugh was one of the co-conspirators to get the Jumpman gear to Ann Arbor. Now that its finally here, he credits his head coach for being open to ideas that could give U-M yet another way to stand out from the pack.

"The brand is iconic in every way and kind of transcends basketball or even sport period" Harbaugh said. "The idea was kind of a crazy one, luckily our head coach is very open to ideas no matter where they come from. If it can help us potentially win then he'll entertain it. It was kind of exciting to see it all take off and it feels pretty sweet to be in the Jumpman stuff now."

It goes without saying that becoming a Nike school aids in recruiting. Some recruits prefer playing for the swoosh compared to its competitors.

With the Wolverines a Jumpman brand, the football program offers something you cannot find anywhere else in the country right now. For Harbaugh, the impact of the Jumpman gear just means another box will be checked for potential recruits interested in the program.

"Certainly guys are taking a liking to it," Harbaugh said. "I think it's kind of another box checked. A guy has all of these things that he's looking for in a school, now it's kind of a thing where the gear and equipment box is checked like 'OK, yeah, Michigan has some sweet stuff,' we like that. We're always looking for an edge in recruiting and anything we can do. It's another way to get somebody's interest and get them excited about us."

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