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2019 in-stater Dobbs talks Michigan BBQ/offer

Michigan offered Belleville (Mich.) 2019 OT Devontae Dobbs at their BBQ. His dad, a Michigan fan, was "ecstatic." What did the young man himself think? Find out here.

There is a good chance Devontae Dobbs ends up as the top recruit in the state of Michigan in the 2019 class. Even if he does not end up No. 1, it is almost a sure thing he will be one of the top few. Already a national prospect, Dobbs (6-5, 270 pounds) had a dominant run of offseason camps which led to offers from Alabama, Auburn, Ohio State, Michigan State, Missouri and more.

Michigan jumped into the mix when he came to Ann Arbor for their recent BBQ at the Big House.

"First off, I think they see potential in me," Dobbs said. "They know I'm athletic, they know I'm a hard worker and they know I'm a good kid overall."

While most schools are recruiting Dobbs as an offensive tackle, he says "[Michigan] wants me on the defensive side."

At this time Dobbs says he does not have a preference on that.

He did visit Michigan for games last season, but this visit allowed him to see more of campus and get to know the people.

"It felt like a family. The coaches, the way the coaches were, the coaches and the players. I really didn't spend that much time with any of the coaches, pretty much spent time with all of them, shook hands, went on the scavenger hunt, but spent a lot of time with the players. I heard about this camp they had went up to and went fishing."

Dobbs' dad, a noted Michigan fan, was thrilled with his son's newest offer.

"He was happy, he already in love with Michigan so he just fell deeper in love with it. He was ecstatic, happy and was telling Jim Harbaugh that he had one of his books."

As of now, Dobbs has no top list. He says he has to take more visits and meet more coaches before he can narrow things down. He says he may commit around his junior year, but with his youth, he still is leaving things open. He does, however, know what he is looking for.

"Biggest factors in my choice would probably be good major, I want to major in psych, minor in communications so I want a good program in that. I want a place I can develop as a player, not only as a player but as a student and a young man and then where I'm feeling at home. I'm not going to go somewhere I don't feel at home where I don't feel like the coaches got me or I trust my brothers that's out there on the field with me."

With a long way to go and many options, Dobbs has the support system he needs to make that choice.

"First, God, then my family and third my coaches. My coaches see what I'm good at, what I'm not so good at and what my strengths and weaknesses are so they can help me make that decision."

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