John O'Korn says there are no substitutes for experience

Michigan quarterback John O'Korn will battle for the starting spot this fall, he says that his previous starting experience at Houston will help him in that battle.

The battle for Michigan's starting quarterback spot will be fierce.

For John O'Korn, he knows all too well about battling for his spot. While this is nothing new to him, it might be for his opposition Wilton Speight and Shane Morris. Although Speight appears to be more of a consideration, both players are fighting to see meaningful time.

According to O'Korn, whomever is named the starter will earn the distinction.

"I think it's pretty close," O'Korn said. "The nature of our quarterback position is that there's three of us that could probably be starters at 125 different schools across the country. For some reason it all lined up where all three of us are here, so somebody's gotta play."

Somebody certainly will play and the likeliest of choices will either be O'Korn or Speight, as it has been described ad nauseam. Both players offer something different to the team.

However, at the end of the day, it's all going to come down to which quarterback is most fit to lead the team.

"I think we both do a lot of things really well," O'Korn said. "It's going to come down to whomever leads the team, throws the most touchdowns and who gives us the best chance to win on Saturday."

If previous experience means anything, O'Korn certainly has the leg up on Speight. O'Korn has the experience of leading a team early in his Houston playing career. O'Korn says that if he's named the quarterback, there's nothing he hasn't experienced before.

"I think there's no substitute for experience," O'Korn said. "Not having to run out there and look at the crowd or worry about what the defense is doing, I've pretty much seen every defense I'm going to face at my time at Houston on the field and in-game situations, it definitely helps."

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