"Mad athletic" freshman Chris Evans impressing veteran running backs early

True freshman running back Chris Evans has been turning some heads during fall camp and some veteran running backs are taking notice.

True freshman running back Chris Evans had his name listed as one of the select few freshman to stand out during fall camp according to his head coach Jim Harbaugh.

It appears the hype is warranted as two veteran running backs stoked the coals of the hype surrounding the young player.

Redshirt senior running back Drake Johnson, who is a roomate of Evans, gave one of the most glowing reports of a player heard inside Schembechler Hall in quite awhile.

"He's mad athletic," Johnson said. "You just see some people and think 'yeah, he's an athlete.' He's an athlete, he just does stuff. He's smooth, he's real smooth. He's like butter smooth, we're just like 'ooh, wow.' He's like *sound effects* someone flips to the side, like he had no chance. Like, I'm sorry you could've tried but it sucks to suck. He just makes it look easy.

"If I had to say what he really does, he makes it look easy. He just makes it look smooth and easy. He looks effortless when he does stuff, 'yeah, that was nice.'"

There has been talk that Evans has been lining up at wide receiver as well as taking some snaps at running back. While Johnson didn't want to divulge too much about scheme, he mentioned that during camp, the running backs huddle to discuss a previously ran play. Whenever Johnson has been in the huddle, he says Evans has been right there with the running backs as well.

Another veteran that has been impressed with what Evans has provided so far in camp is senior running back De'Veon Smith. When you garner the attention of the teams's workhorse, you're obviously doing something right.

"Chris Evans is an impressive athlete," Smith said. "I haven't seen anybody like him in a while. I'm going to be excited to see what he does this season."

When asked whether he expects Evans to move around on the offense, Smith gave a simple yet distinct answer.

"I don't see why not, he's that good of an athlete."

The legend of Chris Evans continue. Will the camp success translate to the football field? We will find out week one against Hawaii.

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