Michigan linebacker Ben Gedeon ready and prepared to become vocal leader this fall

Despite his limited on-field experience, linebacker Ben Gedeon is ready to take the role of leader head on this fall.

Despite not having as much experience as linebackers that came before him, Michigan linebacker Ben Gedeon will be looked at as a leader this fall. 

Anchoring a group that is relatively young and filled with inexperience, Gedeon's small on the field sample size is enough to be considered a leader of the group. Something, he says, he has been learning to do since the spring.

"Absolutely (I am ready to be a leader)," Gedeon said. "During the spring I kind of learned that role and every day I am trying to improve and make sure I'm sure I'm doing my job to the best of my ability."

There are many types of ways people can be leaders. Some lead by example and others are vocal leaders. In every day life, Gedeon might be considered a quiet guy. Once he steps on the field, like many other players who are considered quiet, he says what he needs to.

"Maybe off the field I'm somewhat quiet and laid back," Gedeon said. "Obviously on the field its a different story. I understand what you have to do on the field."

For now, Gedeon says the team loves being one of the position groups not talked about in a defense that has been getting attention as potentially one of the best in the country.

Gedeon will be able to prove the doubters wrong when the Wolverines kick off their season against Hawaii in just two weeks.

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