Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown is working an efficient Jim Harbaugh camp this fall

Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown discusses what its like to work under a Jim Harbaugh fall camp.

Another year, another defensive coordinator.

Heading into the season, the Michigan football program will be using its third defensive coordinator in three seasons with Don Brown set to lead the defense on Sept. 3 against Hawaii.

Even with a new defensive coordinator, not much has changed with the way fall camps are ran under head coach Jim Harbaugh. Despite all of his experience coaching, Brown isn't sure he's seen anything like it before.

"Just efficient," Brown said. "Every second is accounted for. Players, coaches, you all know where to be. We're taking advantage of every second, staying within the rules. Gives the guys a chance mentally to learn the system, which is an important piece for us. As I've said before, we put in the concepts in the spring, now we're trying to master those concepts. We've maximized our meeting times, coach does a good job of knowing when to crank it up and when to take it back. It's been great."

With the defense remaining relatively the same from previous defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin, the learning curve hasn't been too great for the team. Even so, Brown has really liked what he's seen from his players in terms of their willingness to adapt to yet another change.

However, in all reality, the players don't really have much of a choice.

"Oh yeah, they've got no choice for a lot of reasons," Brown said. "I don't need somebody to hold my hand, the bottom line is that you'd like them to have an affinity towards what we're doing, I think we do, they certainly seem willing. We're flying around out there, so that's a positive."

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