Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel working towards fixing schedule imbalance, knows it won't be an overnight task

Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel will continue to hold discussions about the Wolverines' football schedule imbalance and knows it won't be an overnight task to accomplish.

For the foreseeable future, it appears having Michigan State and Ohio State home or away in the same season won't change any time soon.

With that being said, it still will not stop Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel to pursue options on how it can alleviate the schedule imbalance that currently exists on the schedule. For example, both Michigan State and Ohio State are played away on even years and home on odd years. Whereas in the past, both teams would alternate.

Manuel is working towards getting that back.

"The conversations are continuing to be had about what we like," Manuel said. "There are others, 13 other schools in the conference, whether you have 10 teams in the league, eight teams in the league or 14 like we do, (scheduling) is very hard to do. What I love to see Ohio State and Michigan State on different years? Yes. Do I think it's hard to do, given where we are now? Yes. Will I continue to have the conversations that need to be had to try to see if there's anything that can be done? Yes. Is it easy? No."

Of course, having conversations is the easy part. Manuel admits that the scheduling is "not going to change overnight," as there are many moving parts that are involved.

More specifically, the moving parts are other athletic departments that want changes as well. U-M isn't the only program in the conference that wants changes done to its schedule.

The talks will continue.

"I plan on having any conversation I need to have to the benefit of Michigan athletics," Manuel said. "Listen, I have great colleagues. Jim Delaney is a great commissioner, we have a great staff in the Big Ten and I have great colleagues across the conference. We all have different things and tweaks we would like to see, I am not the sole member that may want tweaks and changes to the schedule. As soon as we can have that conversation with everyone or individually, conversations I've already had and discussion points, I'm working to understand as well as talk about what I believe is in the best interest of Michigan."

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