Manuel: Working on U-M Weight Room Plans

Michigan athletic director Ward Manuel says U-M's new weight room plans are nearly finished, hopes to build in spring.

A major attraction of any college football program is its facilities. They are especially huge selling points to recruits, and only help further develop some of the top players in the country.

In Michigan’s case, it needs to renovate its weight room facilities.

And that’s on the agenda this spring, says Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel, although he didn’t give out any cost estimates just yet. He did, however, say the goal is to start building in the spring -- only if certain criteria is met.

“We should get more refined cost estimates by the end of this month,” Manuel said. “Which would sometime next week. If not, the following week, but we’re waiting on more refined cost estimates and drawings to be able to know exactly what the costs are, where we are, where we need to be from a development standpoint in fundraising.”

Manuel also says cost estimates go hand-in-hand with finished architecture drawings before a decision can be made.

“And they are working diligently, in my understanding, in architecture in getting it firmed up for next week,” he said.

Manuel says part of the proposed construction would renovate part of the roof of the Oosterban Field House, an indoor facility that plays host to lacrosse home games and other U-M athletic practices. He says spring would be earliest on Oosterban’s renovation due to the impending weather change.

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