Michigan defensive end is a man on a mission this fall, has eyes set on new heights

Taco Charlton is a man on a mission this fall.

Michigan defensive end Taco Charlton is entering his final season in Ann Arbor with a lot to prove.

Not just to the fans or doubters, but he also has a lot to prove to himself.

He's worked hard his entire collegiate career to get where he is today and now, the coast appears, finally, to be clear where he has a shot to instantly make an impact on the defensive line this fall. During camp, he has taken his opportunities and shown just how dangerous he could be.

Taco Charlton is a man on a mission and is reaching for new heights this fall.

"I've been able to take over some practices and show how good of a player I am," Charlton said. "That's what I work to do every day. I'm really on a mission to show how good of a player I am. I set my expectations to be the best defensive end in this country. That's what I'm working on, it starts at practice. Then it ends up showing on Saturday."

Now as a senior leader, the mindset has changed compared to what it was like as a freshman. Charlton has been through some ups and downs, with the ups few and far between. As a freshman, he could perhaps afford some room for error. However, with the hype surround U-M at a fever pitch, Charlton is well aware that there are no longer times where mistakes are made.

He wants to be the best.

"As a young guy you kind of came up here and try to not make mistakes," Charlton said. "Just trying to get through practice. When I was a freshman, it was 'don't get yelled at.' The older guys are really out here to get better, so I'm out here to get better and dominate practices, be the best out here and show everybody how good I am."

Charlton, coming to a quarterback near.

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