Jourdan Lewis feels the pressure to win thanks to a sense of urgency brought on by Jim Harbaugh

Michigan cornerback Jourdan Lewis has the blueprint for winning championships this season.

Michigan hasn't won a Big Ten title in football since 2004.

The program knows it, every single player that dons the winged helmet knows it and those players want to be the ones that end the streak.

For senior leaders like Jourdan Lewis, they know there's only more shot left at leaving a mark. Many are even predicting the Wolverines to win the conference this season. With those outside expectations sitting on their shoulders, this season in particular hasn't brought a sense of urgency to them. It's always been there.

Because of Jim Harbaugh.

"It's been a sense of urgency since coach Harbaugh got here (to win)," Lewis said. "It was never a dull moment where he said we were going to rebuild or anything like that. It's was always (to the point) where it was an expectation to win. That's just Michigan reputation. That's Michigan tradition, to win. For us to say that we're not pressured to go out there and win a National Championship or Big Ten Championship, it'd be a lie."

Of course, championships of any kind aren't won during the offseason or after the conclusion of the non-conference scheduled. Preparing and winning every game on the schedule brings championships.

With that workman-like mentality the team has, Lewis says that's exactly the blueprint the team has to go out and make an impact this season.

"Honestly we don't really think about just winning a championship, we think about winning every single game," Lewis said. "We go out there and prepare how we know that we can prepare, that's when we get championships. We can't just assume that, OK, this is just a year to get championships. You have to go out there and show people that we can win every single game and in an impressive way, too."


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