Brett Gallimore and his father."> Brett Gallimore and his father.">

OL Gallimore ND Game Visit:Official Or Unofficial?

"I hear Michigan signed a very good quarterback from Pennsylvania." I talked Wed. evening to Mo. OL <B>Brett Gallimore</B> and his father.

The father of Brett Gallimore (Sept. 13 Notre Dame game unofficial visit, 6-5, 290 lbs., 5.1 in the 40, 300-lb.bench press, 2.6 GPA) from Riverside, Mo., Park Hill South (Kansas City area) had some interesting things to say. Here are some of his statements, without the interference of extra text.

"Brett is going to Michigan Sept. 13th for the Notre Dame game. It won't be for an official visit, not that one. My other son and his wife are taking Brett up for the game."

"Brett's mother and I were up at Michigan in the spring with Brett. She and I pretty much got all our questions and concerns answered at that time. But Brett is going up for the game because he wants to see the campus again, get onto the field for the game, and talk to the players."

"If Brett can take care of everything during this visit, maybe he won't feel he has to take an official visit to Michigan. But he tells me that he wants to, to make an official visit to Michigan as well. There is more time for everything at an official visit."

"Brett likes (Michigan Offensive Line Coach) Andy Moeller a lot. Brett calls him, he has stayed in touch with Andy month after month."

"Brett has a visit set up to Iowa this fall, that's an official visit for sure. And he's going to Ohio State for an official visit in the next 2-3 weeks. And he's talking about going to Oregon and UCLA for games."

"I hear Michigan signed a very good quarterback from Pennsylvania. We took a look at Penn State -- that had to hurt to lose a top instate kid, a quarterback, like that. But I can certainly see why he wanted to go to Michigan. Michigan has a fine group of coaches -- Andy Moeller is one of them."

"School started last Thursday for Brett. They're practicing late, starting at six. They set them back a couple hours to try to escape the heat ... it's been over 100 here. Their first game is a week from Friday."

"I'm sure you'll get an opportunity to talk to Brett when he's up there at Michigan. He won't be home tonight from practice until pretty late. He'll have a lot of homework to do but he'll like to hear from you."

So I called back at 9:30 PM, to say hi and keep it short; Brett had just gotten home and answered the phone.

"I just got back from practice; we're practicing late to try to escape this heat a little."

"My brother and his wife are taking me up for the Michigan/Notre Dame game. It'll be great to meet the other guys visiting for the game. I think it'll be unofficial visit for me. Actually I'm quite sure about that. I'll take an official visit to Michigan later on."

Gallimore is's #91 prospect, and Tom Lemming's #5 offensive tackle.

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