Is Henne Visiting for Notre Dame Game?

U-M commitment <B>Chad Henne</B> is the guy other U-M recruits want to meet! We asked him if he has fall visit plans. What do you think ...

I gave Chad a quick call at 10 PM last (Wed.) night.

I did not suggest to Chad anything particular about the Notre Dame game, not as a visit weekend, etc. (we can't legally get involved in the recruiting process, even for a commitment). In fact I didn't mention the ND game whatsoever. I just asked Chad if he had plans to make a fall visit to Michigan for a game.

"I'm still debating about a fall visit. I'm thinking about coming for the Notre Dame game."

Really? How definite a plan do you have?

"Well, I've been thinking about how to do it. We'll be out of town that Friday night, we have an away game. But I'd like to get to Ann Arbor for that game, either for an unofficial or maybe even for my official visit. I'll be calling and talking to Coach Loeffler about it."

Chad Henne (6-3, 230 lbs., 4.6 in the 40, 3.4 GPA) from West Lawn, Pa., Wilson is's #13 prospect, and Tom Lemming's #3 quarterback prospect.

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