Eddie McDoom is threatening to unseat Jehu Chesson as fastest player on the team

Michigan true freshman wide receiver Eddie McDoom is threatening to unseat Jehu Chesson as the fastest player on the team.

Ever since Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh's time at Michigan, Jehu Chesson has reigned as the fastest player on the Wolverine team.

However, that reign might be coming to an end. By a true freshman, of all people.

"We're real close to having a race between Jehu Chesson and Eddie McDoom," Harbaugh said. "It's been talked about, when that official challenge is made then we'll race them. It's been close, there's been discusses that [McDoom] is faster than Jehu. He would be that guy that Eddie would have to dethrone."

The fastest player on the U-M football team is typically determined in the spring and not so much in the fall, which is why the million dollar question hasn't been answered. During spring practices, Harbaugh races every skill group to determine who is the fastest, eventually whittling down the last to the fastest player on the team, which is almost always Jehu Chesson.

One of the major things that stuck out on film for McDoom was his pure speed. It has, apparently, translated into the collegiate level as he's been able to make some plays using his athleticism.

Chesson is also no pushover either. He has the ability to outrun players on routes as well in the kick return game, as he returned a kick for a touchdown against Northwestern last season.

It might be the match-up for the ages if the race ever takes place. According to Harbaugh, no official challenge has been made as of right now, but its certainly headed in the right direction.

"To my eyes, my eye time of watching him run is right up there with Jehu," Harbaugh said. "I'm not the only one, there's been a few others that have commented on it and would like to see that race. It may take place. The gauntlet, the challenge, has not been thrown down yet. It's just been talked about."

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