No depth chart? No problem for TE group

Despite the lack of a depth chart for the tight end position, TE Ian Bunting says he has full faith in position coach Jay Harbaugh to put his group in the right position to succeed.

On the tight end pecking order, it doesn't take much thought to know how it shakes out at Michigan.

It's senior and team captain Jake Butt, then there's everyone else.

It appears the coaching staff feels the same as, according to tight end Ian Bunting, a depth chart, doesn't exactly exist. Everyone knows their place and mostly follows the leader in Butt. Coming off an All American season, it's safe to say that the younger guys on roster have an excellent example to model their game after.

"We don't really have a set depth chart, ever, I don't think," Bunting said. "Obviously some guys are doing their thing but it's really, all the guys in that room can play. Obviously Jake [Butt] is doing his thing and he's a great tight end, arguably the greatest tight end in the country. We're all learning a lot from him. As far as a set depth chart, I don't know if we'll ever have one of those."

So, what makes Butt a good role model? Easy, according to Bunting, it's the little things - as it always seems to be - that make him great. On top of that, his football smarts on and off the field stand out as well.

"He's an All American tight end so the more you can learn from him the better," Bunting said. "We just pick up on the little things that he does, he just does it the right way. Just spending time with him, working with him, competing with him makes us all better. It gives us that opportunity to learn every single day at practice going out there and doing it with him.

"I think the most impressive thing to me is his football savvy, he's a really smart kid. He really understands the game and how the game works as you can see, he's doing all right for himself."

Without a depth chart, it would be possible to figure out where players stand in terms of playing time, right? Wrong, according to Bunting. Even though there isn't necessarily a depth chart to gauge from, the players have their trust in tight end's coach Jay Harbaugh to put them in at the right time and packages during game day.

"Throughout the week we'll kind of go through all of our different plays, and we kind of have an idea of who's going to fit into what play," Bunting said. "We have full faith in coach Jay [Harbaugh] to put us in the right position to succeed."

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