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Five things to Watch: Colorado

Five things to watch as Michigan takes on Colorado this weekend.

Michigan welcomes undefeated Colorado into Michigan Stadium on Saturday. Last week showed the Wolverines that there are a few things to work on the offensive and defensive sides of the football.

Will the Wolverines get those things right this weekend?

The Michigan Insider breaks down five things to watch against Colorado.

More of the same from Wilton Speight

There's not much more you can ask of quarterback Wilton Speight to do over the last two games. Outside of the one hiccup in the season opener, he has been nothing short of rock solid for the Wolverines. What we want to see this week if Speight can keep the hot hand going and not take his first steps back. With an inferior team coming into town, it's a good bet that he will keep the good play going. If, for some reason, the team faces any adversity early, it'll be interesting to see how Speight takes leadership of his offense.

Limiting the big play

A majority of UCF's rushing yards came on the big play, including a touchdown that went 87 yards for a touchdown. The defense wasn't very pleased with giving up big plays, will it clamp down this week and limit the Colorado offense? That's the million dollar question. Colorado has an up-tempo offense and runs a similar offense as UCF. Will Don Brown have some adjustments ready?

Will Jourdan Lewis play?

Will he or won't he? That's what many fans want to know. If Jourdan Lewis is held out for a third week, the Wolverines should be fine without him. However, there could be some growing concern that it's taken a precautionary injury three weeks to get him fully back on the field. Either way, having Lewis fresh for the upcoming Big Ten season is far more important.

Will Colorado take a page out of UCF's book?

We will see if Colorado decides to load up the box and try and take away the running game from Michigan this week. UCF consistently loaded the box and practically goaded Wilton Speight to throw on them, and made him pay. Now with plenty of tape out there to watch, will Colorado once again try to load the box and take away the run? Or will they try to shut down Speight by attempting to cover their many passing weapons?

Can special teams be special once more?

Was Michigan's special teams play really that good last week or was UCF just bad? I think it was a little bit of both. Can the special teams impact the game again for a second week in a row? While it might not have the success it had against UCF, it could prove that last week wasn't a fluke by showing pressure and hurrying Colorado's punter into bad kicks.

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