Kalis O-line 'Scapegoats,' Not Worried

Kyle Kalis says Michigan's offensive line struggles are gone, and hopefully one day its "old stink" from 2014.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – In 2014, Michigan’s offensive line struggled as a unit and ended up getting a lot of the blame for the Wolverines’ (5-7) losing record, which ultimately cost then coach Brady Hoke his job.

On Tuesday, fifth-year senior lineman Kyle Kalis wanted to set the record straight, saying it’s “easy” to blame Michigan’s offensive line as the “scapegoat” then and now whenever U-M offensive line unit struggles. 

This, of course, comes days after Michigan struggled to against UCF’s defense, gaining only 119 yards on the ground, albeit against mostly an eight man front from UCF, Kalis said. 

“I feel like we were kind of scapegoats, it’s fine, it’s life, It happens” he said of 2014s struggles. “I never lost sleep over it, I can tell you that.”

And if Michigan isn’t successful on the ground moving forward, Kalis continued with his scapegoat analogy.

“I kind of think that is for whatever reason they keep going back to that. And you know hopefully one day the ‘old stink’ will be gone,” he said. “I think we are doing a good job of eliminating that. Cause it’s not there, I’m telling you, as much as you want to keep bring it up, it’s not there. It’s not real anymore.”

And a lot of U-M’s offensive line critics, simply don’t know enough about football, says Kalis.

“A lot of times people speak when they are really not that informed. I think a lot of times look at the big picture and what was happening. I can sit here and talk for hours about the old days, but I’m really no interested in that,” he said.

“Yeah, I can honestly say people back then were not correct in what they were saying. I mean we weren’t perfect, but you know, it was the whole entire team, you can’t blame one whole position group.”

No. 4 Michigan (2-0) will play host to Colorado (2-0) this Saturday 3:30 ET. 

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