Tyrone Wheatley says he was 'flattered' with UCF's defensive gameplan

Running backs coach Tyrone Wheatley said he was flattered with UCF's defensive gameplan to stop the running game.

Compared to the previous week, the Michigan running game wasn't able to get going and do much on the ground.

According to running backs coach Tyrone Wheatley, not getting much done on the ground last week isn't exactly a big deal to him. In fact, the way UCF went out of the way to try and shut down the run was actually quite flattering.

"I'm really flattered to tell you the truth," Wheatley said about the UCF defensive gameplan. "When you load the box and you send that many pressures, it means we've done something. We were doing something that's making people take notice. Most defensive coordinators, through hell or high water, they will not let you beat them running the ball. It's a demoralizing feeling to be beat upfront. Most people say, if you're going to beat us, beat us through the air."

Having as much success as they did week one, would be frustrating to any backs. So, how exactly did Wheatley try to get his players in the right place mentally?

"I told my backs to not look at the numbers on the board, look at what they did to take this away," Wheatley said. "Take that in pride and heart because our offensive line were blocking like mad men up front opening up holes for us, making them into big gains. Take that to heart, feel good about it. When a team comes in and wants to stop the run, that means you're doing something. The run game, I'm not worried about it."

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