Despite pregame warning of not to get knocked on the ropes, U-M DL Maurice Hurst discusses the team bouncing back

Despite a pregame warning not to get put on the ropes by an opponent, Michigan defensive lineman Maurice Hurst discusses the team bouncing back from adversity.

The Michigan team was given a warning before it kicked off against Colorado on Saturday.

Though it hadn't faced any type of challenge so far this season, it was clear the Wolverines were facing a great test early in the game. A pre-game warning that promptly came true.

"Coach Harbaugh told us before the game 'you don't want to get on the ropes,'" U-M defensive lineman Maurice Hurst said. "You never want to be that guy on the ropes, you want to be the guy that comes out swinging right away and never get yourself in that position. It's kind of crazy he told us that before the game, because that's exactly what happened. We found ourselves on the ropes early and had to fight our way back and come back. We did have some not as great practices this week but I think it's something we can definitely learn from."

Despite being knocked on the rope, the Wolverines always seemed to have the counter-punch ready at every turn. After spotting the Buffaloes 21 points early in the first half, the defense responded by only allowing one more touchdown the entire game.

The crawled back and faced plenty of adversity. Perhaps a few short years ago it was the typical game the Wolverines would lose. These days, the Wolverines bounced back in the face of adversity.

Despite the pregame warning, Hurst said that Harbaugh didn't say too much after the game.

After all, a win is a win.

"He just told us don't get on the ropes, don't do that again," Hurst said. "He said, 'I told you guys not to get on the ropes and you guys did,' but he was happy with the way we responded to things. Adversity always helps a team down the road."

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