Isaac has unique moment with Harbaugh

Michigan RB Ty Isaac reflects on his touchdown run against in U-M's 45-28 win against Colorado.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Michigan's Ty Isaac had a moment with Jim Harbaugh after his 1-yard touchdown run against Colorado, though, he admits he just can't remember what was said between the two shortly after he scored.

"I don't even know, if he said something I don't even remember, I'm not even going to lie to you," Isaac said, who was embraced by Harbaugh with a big hug after his score.

"I could hear the crowd, inside I'm going crazy, I got teammates coming up. He embraced me, it look like he said something, but I would be lying to you if I told you what he said."

Isaac, who last scored a touchdown against UNLV in 2015, did admit it was "fun" to see the end zone again.

"It's fun, I don't care if you score every game," Isaac said. "If it not fun, there's something wrong." But getting another score, however, was beneficial for the him and the team, says Isaac.

"That's part of it too, a long drought, any type of game stuff, to me it's not just exciting you're doing not only for yourself, but you're doing something for the team, you're out there contributing, there is points to show for that drive, you helped your team score."

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