De'Veon Smith likens running back room to Las Vegas with spirited debates

Michigan senior running backs De'Veon Smith discusses his running back room, likening it to Las Vegas.

This season, Michigan has a handful of running backs that could see the field in any series.

With carries at a premium, it would seem that there would be extreme competition between all of the players each trying to get a leg up on the competition. While the competition part may be true, the players conspiring against each other is far from true.

In fact, it's the running back group against running backs coach Tyrone Wheatley in spirited arguments.

According to senior running back De'Veon Smith, it appears that Wheatley doesn't mind when his running backs decide to stage an argument against him.

"I can't really tell [if Wheatley enjoys arguing with the running backs,] he doesn't really mind arguing with us," Smith admitted.

In fact, Smith enjoys the fact that its an open room. Even making a joke that everything that occurs in the room stays right there.

"Our running back room is a very open group," Smith said. "We call it Las Vegas, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. We enjoy each others company, we joke around a little bit. It's all fun but it's serious at the same time."

In terms of the arguments in general, the players understand at the end of the day that the position coach garners respect. However, it doesn't mean that running backs cannot respectfully disagree with what Wheatley has to say.

"It's spirited," Smith said. "There's no yelling or screaming. It's mostly that we're all on each other's side besides coach Wheats. He's the one that's saying 'no, no, no' and this and that. We all agree with each other and he disagrees."

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