Michigan offensive coordinator Tim Drevno is pleased with Khalid Hill's progress as a fullback

Michigan offensive coordinator Tim Drevno is quite pleased with converted fullback Khalid Hill's progress at his new position.

It's hard to imagine that converted Khalid Hill is still learning his new position with the way he's been performing this season.

Earlier in the season, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh said that Hill has found a home at his new position at fullback. Which, by all accounts, is definitely true as its showing on the football field.

According to offensive coordinator Tim Drevno, Hill has a certain set of skills that make him a logical fit for the job.

"For a fullback the first step is so critical," Drevno said. "That initial quickness and your hat placement, he does such a great job doing that and bringing his feet to the point of attack, and he can catch out of the backfield. Which is really neat, and he can do something after he catches it, yards after contact. He's really done a good job and really pleased with his progress."

This transition to fullback wasn't something that slowly introduced. As soon as spring hit, it was time for Hill to get to work and learn his new position. He has done just that, Drevno says. As he has pleased the coaching staff with the way he's worked this season.

"We saw that last year," Drevno said. "As we got into spring, I think it showed more and more. We knew he needed to step up, which he did. He's always had that skill set that's very pleasing to the eye.

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