Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown discusses Ryan Glasgow's intelligence

Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown is impressed with the way Ryan Glasgow has played this season.

As expected, Ryan Glasgow has been a solid force on the defensive line this season for Michigan.

Not only does U-M have an extremely physical and aggressive force up front, the Wolverines also have an extremely intelligent football player in Glasgow. According to defensive coordinator Don Brown, who spent a considerable amount of time discussing his star defensive lineman, gushed about his intelligence.

"He's a trained, highly motivated, physical, defensive lineman and can play at the highest level," Brown said "The thing about Ryan that I like the most is he can come to the sidelines, sometimes he'll come to the sidelines, and some guys you kind of learn who they are... He can give you hard fact and then you refer the tape on Sunday and what he's telling you is what he's getting."

Brown also gave an example of just how smart Brown is. In the only way Brown knows, describing Glasgow's intelligence in a certain defensive play with exuberance.

"There's one of our stunts that we do where we bring one of the defensive lineman in the A-gap," Brown said. "He steps to the A-gap to draw the center. Well, the center went away from him and he just went *SHOOP!* Most otherwise would run the other way and run right into a stone wall, he's smart enough to realize that the center didn't come, see you later! He's a very smart football player and can give you detail on what's going on up front."

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