Jim Harbaugh, Jourdan Lewis discuss pregame show of fists during national anthem

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh and senior defensive back Jourdan Lewis discuss the raising of fists some Wolverines players showed during the national anthem.

San Francisco 49ers head coach brought Colin Kaepernick has been under the magnifying glass for his pregame protest of sitting down during the national anthem being played. The sitting eventually turned into a kneel and the protest has caught on across the NFL and other sports.

It has now taken hold on the Michigan sideline.

A handful of U-M players raised their fist in solitude to bring awareness to the racial injustice African Americans face in America today during the national anthem.

When asked about his players doing it, Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh said it was something he found out after he returned to the locker room and it wasn't previously discussed amongst the team.

However, it is an act by his players that he will support and stand by.

"I've been giving it a lot of thought," Harbaugh said. "We're a team as a country, I'll tell you what I believe in. I believe in God, I believe in country, I believe in family, I believe in rules of law and following rules. I believe as a team, the things that we embrace we should embrace. The things that we don't, or something is not good for somebody on the team, then we talk about it and we get it fixed together as a team. Those are the things that I believe.

"That doesn't mean, just because I am a football coach, that I can tell other people what to believe or what to think. I support people speaking their own mind and saying what they believe."

U-M senior cornerback Jourdan Lewis, who says he has raised his fist during the national anthem in every game this season, says that racial injustice exists in America. With that being said, he also mentioned that he is not trying to disrespect America, only to bring an important issue to light.

"It was just something I felt strongly about," Lewis said. "It's a nationally spread issue right now, I just felt like my platform, I felt like it was good to get the message out. I said something before the first game of the season, I said something. Those guys, and the current events right now, those guys did it on their own. I just followed their lead. There is injustice here in the country that we see, we gotta take notice of it. That's really what it is. There's no disrespect towards the country or anything like that, but there injustice."

How do we solve the injustice?

"We've got to come together, honestly. We have to encounter each other more on both sides of the race, or any race. We have to be involved with each other more than ever, we can't just think 'OK, well it is injustice. How do we fix it from the outside?" we have to come together as a human race."

Lewis says he doesn't know if the show of fists will continue throughout the season.


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