Saturday has different meaning for true freshman Ben Bredeson

Saturday's game against Wisconsin will mean something a little extra to true freshman offensive lineman Ben Bredeson.

True freshman offensive lineman Ben Bredeson is well aware what this week means to him.

A native of Wisconsin, no one leaves their home state when the Badgers come calling, especially as an offensive lineman. However, once the new Michigan coaching staff was in place, Bredeson knew where he wanted to be. It also helped to have a brother player baseball for the Wolverines as well.

As someone who knows the area and some players on the opposing side well, Bredeson shrugged off the importance of this game to him on a personal level. Instead, he realizes the challenge the ahead for the Badgers present for the entire team.

"I guess [this game has been circled on the calendar,] I'm from the area and grew up watching them all the time," Bredeson said. "It's going to be a huge game for us. It's a big top 10 match up, and they're going to come out strong. They're undefeated and so are we, it's going to be a heck of a game on Saturday."

Despite the ranking implications, it is a game that will tug on the heartstrings of Bredeson a little bit. Growing up in the state of Wisconsin, Badger football was everything. It was almost a way of life.

Something that Bredeson knows very well.

"Absolutely," Bredeson said when asked whether his grew up loving the Badgers. "Every kid growing up there, there was no other college team to watch. You grew up watching the Badgers and it's just the tradition of living there."

So what changed?

"I came here," Bredeson said with a grin. "I saw this and just fell in love with Michigan during the recruiting process and this was the place for me."

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