Mason Cole: O-Line influences Michigan play calls

Michigan's Mason Cole says U-M's offensive line gives feedback on plays calls, while gaining "rhythm' heading into Wisconsin game

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – If your opponent can’t stop you, then there is no reason to change a thing, says junior Mason Cole, who noted the Wolverines’ ability to run the same play consecutively against Penn State in U-M’s 49-10 win on Saturday. 

And that certainly was the case, with Michigan racking up a season-high 326 rushing yards against Penn State, with a little encouragement from the offensive line on the play calling, says Cole.

How did this strategy come to mind? Well, Cole says U-M’s started recommending play calls sometime last season based on what thye thought was working during that particular game. Against PSU, with U-M’s offense rolling, the coaches asked for their feedback again – and it worked, says Cole. 

“The drive before we came off the field and said that’s we wanted and we came off the next drive and ran that play four or five different times all in a row,” Cole said. “As an offensive line, you hear that play call four or five times in a row it gets your blood flowing, it gets you going as an offensive line. “

Adding: “They keep calling it and the play keeps going well, it boost your confidence, it boosts your ego on the field, ‘Ok, we can do this, we got this going, it’s on us now,’” Cole said.

Now, Cole says U-M’s offensive line has found their “rhythm” as Michigan (4-0, 1-0 Big Ten) prepares to play host to Wisconsin (4-0, 1-0) this Saturday.

“I think we are finally getting into a rhythm,” Cole said. “We’re protecting the quarterback a little better now. We’re running the ball a little better now, we did against Penn State, not we just need to build on that. Weeek to week we need to run the ball well and do things better every single week, just build on every week and we’ll be great.”

However, Wisconsin’s defensive front presents U-M’s biggest test yet, says Cole.

“Every game you rush the ball well you take pride in that,” Cole said. “Having (five) running backs score a touchdown that’s great to see as an offensive line. This will be a great test this week going against a really good run defense. There is nothing better than going out there and running the ball against a good run defense.”


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