Jay Harbaugh sees possibility of Jourdan Lewis, Jabrill Peppers both out to return punts

Michigan special teams coach Jay Harbaugh doesn't rule out the possibility of seeing both Jourdan Lewis and Jabrill Peppers out to return punts at some point this season.

Michigan's do-it-all star Jabrill Peppers is the team's workhorse.

The coaching staff have put a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders early in the season and he has passed their tests with flying colors. However, there's always concern that Peppers is out on the field too much and could find himself become burnt out towards the end of the season, making it an option to lessen his role somewhere.

Not so fast, says special teams coordinator Jay Harbaugh, Peppers is always prepared for the amount of plays he sees in a game and removing him from the return game is an unlikely option.

"He's really good at everything so there's not really a great reason to take him out [of the returner role,]" Harbaugh said. "That's kind of one of his trademarks, he never gets tired and you can keep playing him."

The Wolverines also have another punt return option in senior corner Jourdan Lewis. In fact, when asked whether one could expect to see Lewis in the punt return game at some point this season, Harbaugh didn't rule out the possibility of both being on the field at the same time.

Pick your poison.

"There's merit to both of them being on the field at the same time, certainly, and make [the opposition] decide who they want to kick the ball to," Harbaugh said. "I think both are equally dangerous, that's something we could look into. It could happen. Some teams we'll play later on in the year spray the ball all around and you don't know where it's going. [Have Peppers and Lewis out there at the same time] could happen and they're both in on kick return.

"They're both excellent and it's a good problem to have to decide on who should be returning."


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