Michigan's "other" corner was ready to be picked on by Wisconsin, responds by having a career night

Michigan's "other" cornerback Channing Stribling knew that Jourdan Lewis' presence alone would mean more passes would come his way. He responded to the challenge with a career day.

The country knows about Jourdan Lewis and what he's capable of. Not because of the miraculous interception, but the ability to shut down one side of the field. He is an All-American after all.

With all the attention Lewis gets, Michigan's other senior cornerback Channing Stribling would like to announce that he's very much capable of holding his own on the other side of the field.

After securing two interceptions in a winning effort against Wisconsin on Saturday, Stribling appreciates it when teams try to test him when they decide to not throw at Lewis.

"Lewis is an All-American, you have to go the other way," Stribling said. "It's good either way, it's more chances that I have to make plays. Gotta have the best receivers, they only had two main guys so you have to throw it to somebody. Just try to do my best."

And what he gave on Saturday was, arguably, the best he had to offer in his entire Wolverine career. He had a three interception night in high school, but nothing compares to what he did against the Badgers.

Although he won't take the credit for being a major impact player on defense on Saturday, he realized early that the ball will be coming his way.

"I think so," he said. "[Lewis] a great cover corner so you have to try and find a way to get other people the ball. That's kind of how it works. Once I do my job, it's kind of like, okay, they have to choose somebody...They tried to test us early and figure out who is the weak link and we don't really have any. After that, it didn't work."

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