In wake of victory, Jim Harbaugh turns into Heisman advocate for Jabrill Peppers

In Saturday's 78-0 thrashing over Rutgers, Jabrill Peppers proved once again just how he valuable he is to Michigan. So much so that even his head coach is advocating for him to be considered for one of college football's highest honors.

Jabrill Peppers once again proved that he's the do-it-all man for Michigan.

Watching what he did against Rutgers in a 78-0 victory on Saturday night, there's no denying just how much he means to the Wolverines. With two touchdowns on the ground and an exciting punt return for a touchdown that was called back by penalty, Peppers is lightning in a bottle that's always ready to flash his greatness.

That greatness is realized by his head coach, Jim Harbaugh, who once again praised his hybrid player during his post-game press conference.

The more Peppers puts on his plate, the greater chance that he could be worn out or over-burdened by the end of the season. While it's something that Harbaugh thinks about, his dynamic player is also too good to not play.

"[Over burdening Peppers] is something you've got to take into consideration," Harbaugh said. "He's good at it, though. Most of the time he wasn't taking any hits, he's just so much faster... He's just so athletic and so fast, it was just really, really impressive. Gosh if there's a better player in the country out there, I don't know who it is. I know there's a lot of great players out there.

"To be able to coach a guy like Jabrill Peppers, is a real joy."

Harbaugh even went as far as advocating Peppers for one of college football's highest honors, the Heisman Trophy.

"There's nothing he can't do, it's the darndest thing I've ever seen. My humble opinion, I believe you're looking at a Heisman Trophy winner and candidate," he said.

Harbaugh even went as far as comparing Peppers to legendary payer Jim Thorpe, whose accomplishments on the gridiron are well documented.

The head man has always strayed away from comparing players, past or present. He feels that someone always gets diminished in the process of comparing. However, he changed his tune slightly on Saturday night.

When asked if Peppers is the most versatile player he's ever coached, Harbaugh took a more truthful approach to answering the question.

"No not even close," Harbaugh said. "A lot of great players, and I hate to compare, because someone always gets diminished but if there's a bible sitting here I would say that I have not coached a more versatile player than Jabrill Peppers. Not one that comes to mind that I didn't coach, I can't think of one."

The legend of Jabrill Peppers is growing by the week, it appears. Stay tuned to see the story unfold.


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