Derrick Walton Jr. all in for change in defensive philosophy this season

As a senior leader, point guard Derrick Walton Jr. understands the importance of defense and is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure it improves this season.

Michigan head coach John Beilein brought in assistant coach Billy Donlon for a reason this offseason, with the reason being an important one.

Improve team defense.

For senior point guard Derrick Walton Jr., understands the need for change in order to win. As a leader should be, he is prepared to do whatever it takes to help his team win some games this season. He's also excited to implement some of Donlon's schemes he has prepared to unleash.

"He's got some great schemes and some great input on some things that will definitely work on our end," Walton said. "More importantly, a lot of our guys are taking it personally. It's a staple of winning. Like I said, when you want to win you do what's what necessary, and that's what it is."

The team has devoted so much time to defense, a statistic of 500% more time devoted to defense was thrown around. While some enjoy being in the gym shooting the ball and doing other things, Walton trusts the process the coaching staff is putting them through this offseason.

He's prepared to do whatever it takes to win.

"Stuff like that just doesn't happen overnight so of course you have to get the technicalities of it down," Walton said. "I don't think it's wearing us down, I think it's one of those things that we think is really important so we're putting a lot of effort and focus towards it. As one of the leaders, we trust the process in which ways the coaches think it should go. I'm with it, it's about winning. If it's about winning, I'm all for it."

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