Instate Top 25's: Theirs and Ours

The Detroit News has released it's Top 25 Instate Players. <br><br> For their list, and a great article on the Lake Orion kids, go to: <A HREF=>Det. News Instate 25</a><br><br> How does The Det. News' list compare to GBW contributor Jim S', and to GBW's own Sam Webb's?

For comparison sake, here are the top fifteen kids from the Det. News' and Jim S' lists, and Webb's whole top 10.

The Detroit News - Top 15
(Note: lesser known kids are listed with stats)

1. Will Johnson (U-M commitment)
2. Morgan Trent (U-M commitment
) 3. Justin Hoskins (ND commitment)
4. Roger Allison (U-M commitment)
5. Kellen Freeman-Davis (TE 6'6 225 4.81 Michigan Adrian)
6. Charles Stewart (U-M commitment)
7. Brad Jones (LB/TE 6'3 210 4.50 Michigan East Lansing)
8. John Thompson (LB/TE 6'2 220 4.60 Michigan Detroit Crockett)
9. Alex Mitchell (U-M commitment)
10. Trent Varva (PSU Commitment)
11. Vernon Gholston (LB/DL/OL/TE 6'3 238 4.45 Michigan Detroit Cass Tech)
12. Carl Grimes (WR/RB 5'9 175 4.45 Michigan Detroit DePorres)
13. Dwayne Holmes (Purdue commitment, TE/LB/DL/RB 6'3 240 4.70 Michigan Detroit Henry Ford)
14. Ernie Jackson (QB/DB 6'3 189 4.50 Michigan Detroit Country Day)
15. Marcus Winston (LB/RB 6'2 218 4.57 Michigan Lansing Sexton)

Jim S' Instate Top 15
For the whole list of 77 players go to:
Jim S' Instate 77

1. Will Johnson
2. Morgan Trent
3. Charles Stewart
4. Alex Mitchell
5. Roger Allison
6. Justin Hoskins
7. Dewayne Roland (OL/DL 6'4 280 4.85 Michigan Southfield-Lathrup)
8. Vernon Gholston
9. Carl Grimes
10. Jamaal Gause (LB/DL 6'4 218 4.50 Michigan Harper Woods Trinity)
11. Brad Jones
12. Wendell Brown (LB/RB 6'1 220 4.65 Michigan Detroit Martin Luther King)
13. Dwayne Holmes
14. Blake Botek (OL/DL 6'3 305 5.10 Michigan Grand Ledge)
15. Trent Varva

GBW's own Sam Webb's Instate Top Ten:
For the list with Sam's comments go to:
Sam Webb's Instate 10

1. Will Johnson
2. Morgan Trent
3. Charles Stewart
4. Roger Allison
5. Justin Hoskins
6. Alex Mitchell
7. Josh Hunt (DL/OL/TE 6'5 250 4.80 Michigan Jackson Lumen Christi)
8. Jamarko Simmons (WR/RB 6'2 207 4.55 Michigan Flint Central)
9. Vernon Gholston
10. Dewayne Roland

Notes and comparisons:
Sam Webb and I have probably seen these kids the most, from practices, games, and U-M Nike and U-M Summer Camps.

Underrated by the Det. News:
I agree with Sam Webb's inclusion of Josh Hunt and Dewayne Roland in his top ten. Josh may well get a U-M offer before this recruiting season is over -- his U-M Camp performance was very good. And Dewayne Roland should have gone to the U-M Camp, where (rumor) he may very well have gotten his hoped-for U-M offer.

Overrated by the Det. News:
- Vernon Gholston: ran a great 40 time at the U-M Camp, and looks like Mr. Universe, but is not considered a 'football player' -- this could change of course if he has a great senior year.
- Kellen Freeman-Davis: ditto. Attended the U-M Camp but was not offered (not yet anyhow). Also a great athlete, but the question is whether he's a 'football player' ... a great senior season could put this to rest.
- Brad Jones: did not stand out at U-M Nike Camp; his height/weight are overstated.
- John Thompson: Out of shape performance at U-M Summer Camp cost him.
- Trent Varva: ditto Thompson in that he has not gotten himself into shape ... 325+ lbs. at 6-2 is just too much.
- Carl Grimes: At 5-7 he's just short.
- Ernie Jackson: actually he is not overrated, but his insistance on playing QB has quite possibly hurt his recruitment, at least with U-M.

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