Brown would be "happy" if U-M last stop

Michigan's Don Brown is having a "blast" in his first year as U-M's defensive coordinator, no plans of leaving anytime soon.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Michigan’s Don Brown has literally no complaints midway through his first season on the job.

Brown, 61, has surged Michigan’s defense to No. 1 in the country, giving up only 207 yards per game, and couldn’t be happier with his choice to join U-M’s staff last December, and admits he has no plans of leaving anytime soon.

“The enjoyment level is up here,” Brown said holding his hand above his head. “I have a great boss (Jim Harbaugh). He’s given me a great opportunity to work with a great defensive staff, great players, beautiful area, great town -- I really love Ann Arbor.

“How long? “ Brown asked the media of his future intentions. “Do I look old?”

Joking aside, Brown has taken firm control of Michigan’s defense that sports star defenders Jabrill Peppers, Jourdan Lewis and Chris Wormley among others, and has taken them up a notch from a season ago. But even with his success so far at U-M, Brown says there are no plans of leaving, even if a head-coaching job was made possible.

“Don’t think beyond what I am doing, there is no question about it” Brown said. “Let’s just say this, if this ended up being it for me, I’d be more than happy.”

Brown also made it a point that he didn’t want to stay too long at coaching, that he wanted to get out when the time was right.

“The one thing I won’t do, though, is talking to some of the guys I’ve been friendly with in the profession, unfortunately I am on the other side of whatever you want to call it, the all say ‘you’ll know.’ When I hit it that’s end of it, I’m not cheating anybody.

“So when it gets to that point we’ll move on and that’s it. We won’t cheat the game and I won’t certainly more importantly won’t cheat the player that are in the game. You got an energy level. You got an expertise. You got to be willing to research in the off-season. You got to be willing to take chances do those things. So if you can’t do that then you get out.”

That’s not the plan now, though, he added.

“But how long? I don’t know. I know this; I’m having a blast. My health is good. Life is good.”

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