MSU road losses still haunt Magnuson

Michigan’s Erik Magnuson has made it a point to remind himself of U-M’s failures at rival Michigan State.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Some losses are hard to forget.

Michigan fifth-year senior Erik Magnuson, who has lost at Michigan State his past two attempts, admits it's hard to ignore U-M’s failures against its in-state rivals, as No. 2 Michigan (7-0, 3-0 Big Ten) prepares for Michigan State (2-5, 0-4) this Saturday at Noon ET.

“I remember being embarrassed,” Magnuson said of U-M’s 35-11 loss two years ago at MSU. “The last time we played there was overall embarrassing. We couldn’t run the ball. We had trouble pass protecting, things like that. The time before that was even more embarrassing.”

In 2013, Michigan State defeated the Wolverines 29-6.  

“So those memories have been stuck in my head,” he said.

Why was Michigan State able to win so easily? We’re they tougher? Were they more intimidating?

“I don’t think it was ever toughness or they’re intimidating, or anything like that,” Magnuson said. “I mean they are another football team, they’re a good football team, they flat out beat us.”

Yes they did. No one is arguing there. Throw in Michigan’s botched punt from season ago, and you now have a pool of babd memories for the Wolverines in this rivalry. And, well, Maguson watched them all, at least the four games he’s been a part of anyways.   

“I watched all o f them, all the games we played, (Tuesday), actually, since I’ve been here,” Magnuson said. “Just to remind myself of what it could feel like if we don’t prepare the way we should.”

Was there one play that stood out more than the other in those defeats?

“Too many bad ones,” he said shaking his head. “There is so many times we played against them we didn’t do our job, 10 guys would, one wouldn’t, things like that. So it was hard watching, but it was something I wanted to do just to remind myself.”

Magnuson didn’t watch the games alone, however, he watched with fellow lineman, Kyle Kalis, in a “quiet” like atmosphere.

“It was quiet, but it was good for us,” Magnuson said, nodding that even Kalis was quiet, who is know for his boisterous humor. “It was just the little things, we just shook our heads “I can’t believe that happened.’”

Now, well, Magnuson has his final shot at beating one is his rivals before his career is over.

“Anytime you lose to a rival it sticks with you for a while. Put a lot of emphasis in this program on beating Michigan State, beating Ohio State, and we haven’t been able to do that. It’s something I need to get done in my career.”

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