Cole Toughed Out Illness at MSU

Despite playing with an illness, Michigan center Mason Cole made no excuses about his performance against MSU.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Suffering from an illness all last week, Mason Cole made no excuses about his performance against Michigan State.  

Why? Well, despite playing while ill, Cole is still was his own worst critic after U-M’s 32-23 win against his in-state rival.  

 “We could’ve done better, but we did enough to get the win,” Cole said, who was sick with an undisclosed illness. “Going in there on the road in that environment, to get a W is tough to do, and we did it.”

“I think I played pretty well, there is some things I wish I had back,” Cole added. “Like I said, I didn’t practice as much as I would like to last week.”

Being sick is different animal, and it’s all about preparation, said Cole.

“I was there mentally all week,” Cole said. “That’s the biggest part, just mentally grasping everything for the week and what’s going on.”

Earlier in the week, Jim Harbaugh mentioned it was easier for him to focus during his playing days when he was sick, and Cole said he could relate to his head coach

“I can see what he saying, when you’re not feeling right you just focus on you,” Cole said of being sick. “You kind of put everything else aside. You have to focus on you 100% to do your job.”

Michigan plays host to Maryland at 3:30 p.m. this Saturday.

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